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Go green with your bathroom

Go green with your bathroom

Eco friendly simply means that these products are less wasteful and less toxic than mainstream products. All of these products are environmentally friendly and guaranteed to be safe for your children, your home, and the earth we live on! Whether you are in search of appliances or personal use products, the “green world” is huge! Here are some top bathroom products that are by and large the least toxic!

Organic bath towels are purer, thicker, absorbent and invigorating from top to bottom than most standard towels out there. Each towel is certified organic and is free of chemicals, pesticides and other harmful toxins; making it a perfect match for those with acute allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Children are particularly vulnerable to environmental toxins because they sleep with their toys and put everything in their mouths. It is important to surround them with items made of non-toxic, natural, organic materials. You will find toys, bedding, clothes, and other supplies that will keep your little ones safe and sound. This is very important!Apart from this, you can also have their bathrooms equipped with organic stuff.

Conventional electronic appliances use a lot of energy than the eco friendly ones. The energy saving appliances consume less energy, come from sustainable sources, and effectively transform your environment into a greener, healthier space.  For bathing, you can have the water conserving shower heads or filters fitted. This way, you save water and have a much better skin and hair that’s non-chlorine after bath.

By using eco-friendly shower curtains, you are making a great contribution towards protecting the environment by reducing the use of plastics and chemicals which in turn lessens landfill mess. Take a look at some organic shower curtains available from various retailers.


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